me at the desk in my bedroom

I am a Northern California native who now lives in Charleston, South Carolina. I lived in Irvine for one year, San Francisco for fourteen, and spent my “growing up years” in Campbell and San Jose, California. I lived in NYC for eleven years before moving to South Carolina.

I started this blog as a whim, mainly to fill time and in response to positive feedback I received from essays I’d written and posted on Facebook. I have found a passion in writing. I write my personal stories. These include bits and bobs about what I have experienced; remembrances from a pretty idyllic childhood; my struggles with drugs and drink, and coming to find a sober life; current frustrations, musings, points of view, and other things that just come to mind. I also focus my writing on being a gay man in a straight man’s world and how that has impacted my life.

I am still learning about myself and I am enjoying what I am learning. This blog helps me to sort things out, reconcile issues, confront and resolve emotions, surface who I really am and see myself more clearly. A sort of virtual mirror of thoughts.

Words mean things. And I mean that.


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  1. Hey there!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out the post here and keep doing amazing!

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